Located in the former Abraham Lincoln school in Rutland, Vermont, The Rutland Area Christian School has an outstanding facility designed to make every student’s learning experience an excellent one. Shown at left is the original facility built in 1896 and still in tremendous condition. After purchasing the building, the entire school population rolled up their sleeves and renovated the building. The many hours spent resulted in a beautiful facility. The building also has a much newer addition in the rear, which includes a gymnasium/auditorium.

Shown at right is the school library. With an ever growing list of books and a fully computerized library system, students can find material on virtually any topic in our library.

This is a fourth grade classroom, located in the original building and, as you can see, is still a wonderful place to learn.

The Rutland City School department added a nice addition onto the school and our younger students’ classrooms are located in this wing. Amazingly, this portion of the building was in far worse condition than the original building when the school was purchased. However, with lots of effort, the resulting classrooms are a pleasure to learn and teach in.library

At left is our fully networked computer lab. Here, students learn a wide variety of topics from keyboarding and introduction to computers to advanced topics like Visual Basic and Web Site design. Of course, students being students, some very unusual graphics and sounds have been seen and heard in this room! As part of its ongoing efforts to make RACS a resource to the entire family, the school also periodically offers courses for parents as well.

Finally, what would a school be without a gym and auditorium? God has blessed us with a great place to practice and play basketball, hold meetings, stage concerts and more. Why not plan on stopping in for one of our events some time? Just call the school office to find out when the next event will be.

Of course, pictures don’t really give you an appreciation of just how great our facilities really are. Why not plan to take a tour sometime. You’ll be impressed by how nice it is. But then again, it shouldn’t be any surprise that an awesome God, who gave the greatest gift of all, would provide such a fantastic building for the school.