Science is that arena of human investigation whereby the observable components of the material universe are discovered and the facts are arranged in a systematic fashion so as to arrive at a greater understanding of the creation of God. God has given man the capacity and responsibility to explore, study, and understand the physical universe.

God is both transcendent and immanent with respect to His creation. By transcendent we mean that God is separate and distinct from His creation and so is not to be identified with it. Man must not, therefore, worship any aspect of the physical universe. By immanent we mean that although God is distinct and separate from His creation, He nevertheless continues to be actively concerned and involved with it in a vital and dynamic way. God rules over and sustains the creation, ordering every facet of it for His own purposes.

The Rutland Area Christian School is committed to the best possible scientific methodology and procedures designed to explore the universe that surrounds us. We are painfully aware that fallen mankind can distort data and thus betray the Creator. Therefore, as the students observe, study, and catalog scientific facts, they will learn how these facts harmonize with the revelation of God as given us in the Bible. We will strive to honor God in our scientific studies as data is accumulated and objectively analyzed. At RACS, we understand that all truth is God’s truth.

As the students are led to discover the intricacies of the created order around them, their study will lead to a greater sense of awe for the God who created them and the amazingly complex interrelationships that occur throughout His creation. Secondly our students will gain greater understanding of the physical universe and will be better equipped to fulfill their stewardship responsibilities over it.